stable and reli­able test field supply

Sim­ilar prod­ucts to C POWER for test field applications:

Rotating con­verter sys­tems are par­tic­u­larly in demand due to their sta­bility, net­work quality, accu­racy, over­load capacity and, last but not least, their reli­a­bility, espe­cially for the diverse require­ments of power supply sys­tems in elec­trical test facilities.

For these rea­sons, rotating con­verter sys­tems are pre­ferred for test field sup­plies instead of static con­verter sys­tems. Visu­al­iza­tion via PC or touch­screen is offered for C POWER con­verter sys­tems. Even com­plex sys­tems can be dis­played simply and clearly. This guar­an­tees safe and error-free operation.


Per­for­mance classes: 10 — 1500 kVA (50/60 Hz) or 10 — 3000 kVA (50/50 oder 60/60 Hz)

Input voltage: up to 12 kV

Input fre­quency: 50 or 60Hz

Output voltage AC: AC: up to 12 kV

Output voltage DC: up to 1000VDC


Sus­tain­ably guar­an­teed per­for­mance for renew­able energy

Hitzinger gen­er­a­tors are char­ac­ter­ized by max­imum effi­ciency with the greatest flex­i­bility and safety. Our expe­ri­ence vouches for pio­neering tech­nology that delivers max­imum per­for­mance with the highest level of envi­ron­mental compatibility.

The com­plete ful­fill­ment of indi­vidual require­ments is our stan­dard. In this way we guar­antee inde­pen­dence and secu­rity of supply with optimal eco­nomic efficiency.

From the task to the idea, from plan­ning to pro­duc­tion, from oper­a­tion to main­te­nance: Our focus is on the devel­op­ment of sus­tain­able, indi­vidual solu­tions that con­tin­u­ally rede­fine the state of the art.

Product- benefits
  • Reli­able in all conditions
  • Lifespan > 25 years
  • highest effi­ciency
  • Max­imum serviceability
  • Reli­a­bility: MTBF > 50.000 h

Product vari­ants at a glance

The ideal solu­tion for every requirement.

C POWER coupled

Cou­pled sys­tems are rec­om­mended for max­imum power, spe­cial and medium volt­ages or elec­trotech­nical test fields in par­tic­ular. Both the motor and the gen­er­ator can be flex­ibly mounted on vibra­tion dampers if required.

C POWER mono shaft

The spe­cial HITZINGER monoblock con­verter is char­ac­ter­ized by its small foot­print, com­pact­ness and max­imum oper­a­tional reli­a­bility. With only 2 rolling bear­ings, it can be installed quickly and easily and is very ser­vice and maintenance-friendly.


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With our refur­bish­ment, your Hitzinger prod­ucts will be like new again, even after decades!


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