UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

Life is made of power. In a world where continuous power supply is vital for the quality of services and success, the devolopment of uninterruptible power supply systems requires the highest sense of responsibility, quality and efficiency.

For over 70 years, tailor-made power supply solutions have been the core of our experience. We are the experts for your specific Uninterrupted Power Supply and we ensure that you've got the power. Anytime. Anywhere.

The world is turning faster every minute. Today's progressions in technology, information and mobility open up new possibilites for tomorrow, that were still unthought of yesterday. This increasing pace of life brings new demands for flexibility, reliability and security in the field of efficient, clean, uninterrupted power supply.

What is UPS?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), german unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung (USV), is used to ensure continuous power supply when short power interruptions or a complete power outage or mains failure occur.

Hitzinger UPS systems

The HITZINGER U Power UPS-System comprises five majore components: the diesel engine, the electromagnetic clutch, the synchronous alternator, the kinetic energy storage module and the coupling choke.

As a UPS manufacturer, Hitzinger offers four preconfigured Uninterruptible Power Supply systems, to offer the perfect match for our clients needs. To ensure, that our high demands on efficiency and flexibility are met, the core components of our uninterrupted power supply systems are completely designed and developed in-house. This enables us to achieve maximum levels of reliability and independence and sets new standards in the power protection industry.


IT Power: NBDK Online UPS

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Industrial Power: NBDD UPS

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Pump Power: NBAP UPS

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Clean Power: HPCON Online UPS

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UPS fields of application

UPS systems are used in closed systems, where uninterrupted power supply is vital to ensure a smooth operation.

Emergency power supply & backup power supply

When it comes to life safety, emergency power supplies and backup power supplies are used. Fields of application are hospitals and health-care institutions, traffic control (airports, road, railway and sea), stadiums, shopping centres, and much more.

Online UPS

The uninterruptible power supply for IT is widely known as Online UPS (VFI). The mainteance of information transmission and integrity is the upmost priority. If a short- or medium power loss occurs, the uninterrupted power supply ensures that the systems stays „on-line“. Fields of application are data centres, telecommunications, corporation networks, banks and internet banking. Online UPS are also used in the government sector and for national defence.

Hitzinger DDUPS

A growing field of application for very specific UPS systems are big corporations, such as pharma, biological and chemical industry, manufacturers of computer parts (semiconductor manufacturer) and in production lines. Even short power losses cause costly downtimes and therefore financial losses.

HITZINGER DDUPS systems offer clean, uninterruptible power supply to eliminate costyl downtimes, ensure information transmission, and protect human lives.