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With the HITZINGER G POWER F units, high-quality trailers become com­pact, uni­ver­sally applic­able mobile sys­tems. A large number of energy supply com­pa­nies, con­struc­tion com­pa­nies and fire depart­ments rely on our many years of expe­ri­ence and com­pe­tence in indi­vidual power supply. High-quality air filter ele­ments as well as spe­cial oil and fuel fil­ters enable oper­a­tion in the harshest conditions.

tech­nical highlights

Trans­former sub­sti­tute oper­a­tion, with mobile syn­chro­nizing device
Built-in pro­tec­tive device to pre­vent unwanted power feed­back or failure during main­te­nance
Auto­matic detec­tion of island oper­a­tion and fre­quency con­trol
greater secu­rity when renewing and main­taining trans­former sta­tions
Opti­mized acces­si­bility to the machine set for main­te­nance and inspec­tions
The rein­forced axle brake system is spe­cially designed for a long ser­vice life and max­imum safety
High-cur­rent plug con­nec­tions enable plug&play net­working for total out­puts of sev­eral MVA
pos­sible system mon­i­toring and system con­trol via W‑LAN
The con­trol unit is char­ac­ter­ized by intu­itive user guid­ance. It is easy to read, dust- and water­proof, and suit­able for the most adverse air­field con­di­tions even in high solar radi­a­tion.
Noise emis­sions con­form to CE
Sound-opti­mized for res­i­den­tial areas and in accor­dance with BauNVO, up to a min­imum of 65 dB (A) at 7 m
Com­pact dimen­sions
Height-adjustable drawbar
Level vials
Sup­ports for hor­i­zontal instal­la­tion
LED lighting
Safety through system lighting in accor­dance with the StVO
Sur­rounding lighting
Rotating light
Weight-opti­mized design

Vari­ants and options

Depending on the envi­ron­mental con­di­tions, cus­tomer require­ments and instal­la­tion loca­tion, the hoods are made of stain­less steel and alu­minum, gal­va­nized steel, stain­less steel or alu­minum
In the con­tainer ver­sion, a par­ti­tion is avail­able between the machine set and the tank area

Engine room inte­rior lighting 24 VDC
Fuel-fired engine — cooling water pre­heating
WLAN — SMS-GSM antenna
Envi­ron­ment lighting
Cable drum man­u­ally elec­tri­cally oper­ated unwinding and winding device 24 V and 230 VAC
Light pole, light pole pneu­matic or hydraulic with halogen, LED, metal or sodium vapor
Man­u­ally or elec­tri­cally adjustable
Cooling water pre­heating elec­tri­cally and / or fuel — diesel-fired
vari­able cooler speed
External tank con­nec­tion option
Con­tainer pro­duc­tion to with­stand the most aggres­sive envi­ron­mental con­di­tions
CSC con­tainer approval, Con­tainer Safety Convention.


Per­for­mance class: 34 kVA up to 664 kVA
Voltage: 230/400 V
Fre­quency: 50 Hz up to 60 Hz
Ambient tem­per­a­ture: ‑30° C up to +50° C
Rel. Humidity: up to 95%
Noise level: up to 45 db(A) at 7m

1‑, 2- or 3‑axle trailers
Tandem trailer

ISO 668
ISO 3046
IEC 60034–1
fur­ther stan­dards UIC, EN, IEC, ISO, UL, .. according to indi­vidual requirements

Mobile Con­tainer

HITZINGER G POWER units offer all the advan­tages of a com­pact and uni­ver­sally applic­able mobile system. These units in con­tainer form are in great demand, espe­cially from energy supply com­pa­nies that have to carry out numerous trans­former main­te­nance. Spe­cial air filter ele­ments as well as spe­cial oil and fuel fil­ters enable oper­a­tion in the most adverse external conditions.

rough spec­i­fi­ca­tions

Per­for­mance class: 34 kVA to 3.300 kVA
Voltage: 230/400 V
Fre­quency: 50 Hz to 60 Hz

Ambient tem­per­a­ture: -30° C to +50° C
Rel. Humidity: up to 95%
Noise level: up to 45 db(A) at 7m

ISO 668
ISO 3046
IEC 60034–1
fur­ther stan­dards UIC, EN, IEC, ISO, UL, .. according to indi­vidual requirements

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