S POWER decentral stationary

With its S POWER, Hitzinger presents a new standard of ground power generation for all aircrafts during the flight preparation phase. Optimized voltage quality and the highest level of supply security at maximum serviceability and simplified operation make S POWER a reliable unit that will meet high standards for the long term. The Hitzinger S POWER Stack Technology combines active power factor correction with state of the art inverter technology.

Technical data


  • Fixed ground installation
  • Bridge mounting
  • Towable applications

Power classes

  • S POWER 45 to 180 kVA

Economic Efficiency

  • Efficiency ≥ 93%, independent of load profile

Technical data


  • Voltage: 3x400V~ ± 10%, 3x480V~ ± 10%, other voltage ranges available upon request
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz ± 5%
  • Power factor: 0,99 via PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Current distortion: < 5%
  • Inrush current: none, (< Inominal)


  • Power: 45 – 180kVA
  • Power factor: 1,0
  • Voltage: 3x115/200V
  • Frequency: 400Hz
  • Load power factor: 0,6 inductive to 0,95 capacitive
  • Static voltage regulation: < 0,5%
  • Crest factor: 1,414 ± 3%
  • Phase angle symmetry: 120° ± 1° for balanced load, 120° ± 2° for 30% unbalanced load
  • Total harmonic content: <2%

Overload Characteristic

  • 125% for 10min.
  • 150% for 1min.
  • 200% for 30sec.
  • 300% for 10sec.
  • 400% for 1sec.


  • Ambient temperature: -30 °C to +52 °C
  • Relative humidity: 10 to 95 %
  • Noise level: <65 dB (A) @ 1 m

Standard Version

Standard cabinet

  • IP-protection IP55
  • Enclosure material: UV-resistant, powdercoated aluminium in RAL9006
  • Frontdoor: PMMA(Polymethylmethacrylat), UV-, oil- , acid-, scratch-resistant
  • Lockable door

Remote diagnosis

  • Master/Slave
  • Ventilation regulator including temperature monitoring
  • Current operational condition
  • Exact error indication
  • Overload switch including temperature monitoring
  • Compatible with div. operating systems (Windows, Linux)


  • 28 VDC unit, 600/2500 A in stack technology
  • remote control panel
  • Additional output conductor
  • Automatic cable drum
  • LED indication (RGB)
  • Potential-free-contacts
  • Bus interface (MODBUS/TCP, Profibus)
  • Neutral wire disruptuion monitoring
  • Neutral voltage supervision

Technical highlights

From the installation to the first start and permanent application, S POWER sets itself apart with its reliability and its simple operation. Optimal voltage quality at maxium service security and serviceability power. Guaranteed power for all types of aircraft.

Maximum Efficiency

The intelligent distribution of the individual stacks and the configuration of the S POWER guarantees very high efficiency during turn-down for all load requirements.

Highest Reliability

The plug&play system featured by stack technology enables individual stacks to be easily serviced. In case a stack fails, redundant operation is possible.

Best Serviceability

Remote maintenance enables every important operational state to be displayed and parametrized, and regulation of ventilation and temperature monitoring may also be adjusted. Exact error notification shortens maintenance periods and optimizes service.

Userfriendly Controls

The touch panel on the controller features intuitive user guidance. The display is easy to read in sunny conditions, it is dust and waterproof, and it is suitable for the most adverse airfield conditions. It may even be operated by gloved hands.


  • ISO 6858 - Aircraft ground support electrical supplies
  • BS 2G 219 - General requirements for ground support equipment
  • SAE ARP 5015 - Ground Equipment 400HZ ground power performance requirements
  • DFS 400 - Specification for 400HZ aircraft power
  • MIL-STD-704 - Aircraft electrical power characteristics
  • EN2282 - Characteristics of aircraft electrical supplies
  • EN61439 - Low-Voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies
  • EN61000-6-4 - Electromagnetic compatibility
  • EN12312-20 - Specific requirements for electrical ground power units
  • EN1915 -1/-2 - Aircraft ground support equipment, general safety requirements