2019/03/22All news

Management and Dörflinger-Group take over Hitzinger

Hitzinger GmbH is excited to announce a change of ownership and company structure following the successful negotiation of purchase by a group comprising current Hitzinger management and the Dörflinger Group. The change of ownership injects new vigor and passion for developing the company’s market leading reputation as a specialist power products manufacturer.

Focus for the new ownership will be to build on past successes in consistently delivering reliable, high quality solutions by increasing the value and competitiveness of products and services offered to customers. Key initiatives will strengthen and streamline the company’s core competencies ensuring Hitzinger’s strong culture of customer focus will continue providing excellent results for clients and company alike.

For the new owners, the continued growth of the company and the consequent increase in economic and employment opportunities is of great importance. (Pictured left to right:  Jochen Philipp, Georg Hansis, Dietmar Pfeiffer and Daniel Huber)